4-Play - 1 oz of the World's Freshest Doe Estrous Scent. Pre-orders only. Shipped ASAP after collection!

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"4-Play" - This is the holy grail of deer hunters! We collect this doe-in-heat product from does brought into a state of estrous using a hormone therapy similar to that used in artificial breeding. As in other livestock industries, AI is becoming very popular in the whitetail industry. We are now scientifically able to pinpoint a doe's exact receptiveness to breeding. All of our estrus urine is from mature does at the very peak of their breeding readyness. This stuff will drive a buck love crazy. One whiff of this is all the foreplay most bucks need. A small amount goes a long way. Drags, mock scrapes, and scent pad application works best. Available the last week of October thru mid-November. Limited Supply
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